Market Vendors

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Farmers & Growers
Vegetables & Fruit
Flowers & Plants
Flowers & Plants
Honey & Syrup
Honey & Syrup

Baker& Food Crafters

Breads and Baked Goods
Jams, Preserves & Spreads
Jams, Preserves & Spreads
Baked goods at the market
Chai, Chocolate, Flour, Tea, and…

Artisans & Cottage Industry

Artisans & Craft Work
Artisans & Craft Work
Soaps & Body Care
Soaps & Body Care

Breakfast & Lunch at the Market

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Ready-to-Eat Foods








Full List of Market Vendors

40 Below Hot Sauce (Elsbeth Fielding)
Arnica Designs – jewelry (Barbel Schroeter)
Artisan Gems – jewelry (Petra Abu Khadra)
Backfield Bread (Lynden Sherman)
Beadifferent – jewelry (Susanne Erbel)
Winni Bokenge – seamstress
Bookers – pizza (Brit Cruise)
Brunham Farm – cut flowers & soaps (Kala Hooker)
Cabana a Sucre (Micaela Fokkens)
Caravan Catering – ready-to-eat (Micaela Kafer)
Cedar Furniture & Wood Products (Dave Percy)
Chai Wallah (Adrianne Meer)
Coffee @ Sunrise (Joan Rogers)
Dancing Bee Farm – honey, lamb, sheepskins (Harriet Hall)
D’NA Stained Glass (Alice Beck)
Donna’s Goodies – baking, preserves, ready-to-eat (Donna Pokorny)
Driftstone Pottery (Paula Laurie)
Ducky’s Jams, Jellies & Preserves (Kathy Robinson)
Dunnloggin’ Ranch – chicken, eggs, vegetables (Lolita & Robin Hawes)
Forest Parkour (Wyatt Chandler)
FoxHole Bakery (Ursula Yeker)
Frosted Leaves – jewelry (Wanda Watts)
Funky Fibres – clothing, quilts, toys (Peggy O’Neill & Jocelyn Pearce)
Glanz Family Goodies – baking (Tom & Ben Glanz)
Clara Goodwin – jewelry
Happy Pig Organic Farm – organic beef, chicken, eggs, lamb, pork, ready-to-eat (Marlene Thimer)
High Slope Acres – vegetables (Mark Fisher)
Jane Hoek – dolls & photographs
Healthy Hug’s Organics – organic vegetables (Joe Hug)
Jozie’s Baubles – jewelry (Jozie McLean)
Ketsali Creations (Tesia Hackett)
Kimberley’s Kitchen – baking (Kimberley Mulla)
Kispiox Birch Syrup (Jim Fowler & Pauline Gomez)
Kiss a Cow Bubble Boutique – soaps (Cherrie Kennedy)
Kollers’ (John Koller)
Anaise Labonte – eggs
Lauriston Farm – chicken & vegetables (Lesley Jackson)
Locke’s Wild Treasures (James Locke)
Martha’s Creative Art – jewelry & painting (Martha Wertz)
Narnia Farms – body care & candles (Lyn Nugent)
Natures Hugs – children’s boots (Evelyn Vetsch)
North Country Gardens – plants & cut flowers (Bob Chapman)
Northwest Native Art (James Madam)
Pure Woolens (Regina Lockwood)
Red Hen Organic Foods – nuts & seeds (Sue Brooks)
Red Thimble Studios – art in fabric (Joanie Smith)
River Rock Treasures – dolls, jewelry, art, suckers (Betty Campbell)
Roger’s Truffles (Roger Benham)
Round Lake Farm – berries & lamb (Amanda Forstbauer-Bourrie)
Santina’s Sweet Creek Gardens – beef, eggs, lamb, granola, pet beds, vegetables (Melissa & Ambrosia Gunster)
Sherwood Mountain Brewhouse – beer (Jamie Hahn)
Shutterbug Shots – photographs (Janice Gilbert)
Skincense Botanicals – essential oil & soap (Virginia Pohl)
Small Potatoes Farm – eggs & vegetables (Maurice Gauthier)
Sol Sourced Organics – organic vegetables (Michele Cook)
Spruce Drive Gardens – herbs & plants (Nancy & Sieger Duursma)
Suskwa Valley Farm – organic vegetables (Brenda & Jim Forsyth)
Swallow Haven Farm – beef, chicken, eggs, lamb, pork, baking & ready-to-eat (Linda Dekok)
Sweet & Savoury Culinary Creations – baking (Joan Lecourt)
Table Man (Evalt & Luella Miller)
Tasty Business – hummus & dips (Joelle Botel)
Telkwa Honeybee (Henry Andringa)
Telkwa Take-Out – ready-to-eat (Jay Mulla)
The Friendly Chicken Farm – eggs (Ruth Bredenhof)
The Spice Jar – spices (Lois Hobley)
Unity Gardens & Farm – chicken, eggs, lamb (Megan D’Arcy)
Virago Follies – baking (Mary Etta Goodacre)
W. Diamond Ranch – beef & goat (Manfred Wittwer)
Walcott Wood Works (Ed Weston)
Whistler Road Cheese Co. (Patrick Farrell)
WoodGrain Farm – organic vegetables, flour, lamb, eggs (Jonathan Knight)