Ambrosia’s Sheep  (Ambrosia)  Lamb  Telephone:  Farm  (250) 846-9831 Cell  (250) 847-0547

Happy Pig Organic Farm   (Marlene Thimer & Paul Murphy)   Certified Organic pork, chicken, turkey, and eggs.

Lauriston Farm   (Lesley Jackson)  Chicken, eggs, vegetables, tomatoes, and herbs.
Telephone:  250-877-7783
Facebook:  Lauriston Farm

Santina Sweet Creek Garden and Goods   (Melissa Gunster)   Beef, lamb, dog beds, raw wool, and granola.  Telephone:  Farm  (250) 846-9831 Cell  (250) 847-0547

Swallow Haven Farm   (Linda Dekok)   Beef, lamb, pork, eggs, mini fruit tarts.

Unity Gardens & Farm   (Megan D’Arcy)   Beef, lamb, and eggs

W Diamond Ranch   (Manfred Wittwer)   Beef and goat meat.

WoodGrain Farm   (Jonathan Knight)   Certified Organic vegetables in season, stone milled flour from farm grown grains, and Kispiox Valley Lamb.  website:     email:
Telephone: 778-776-1817