Ready-to-Eat Food

Chai Wallah   (Adrianne Meer)   Chai

Coffee @ Sunrise   (Joan Rogers)   Coffee, tea, hot chocolate

Donna’s Goodies  (Donna Pokorny)   Cookies, chocolate bars, quiches, samosas, calzones, sausage rolls, large selection of jams & preserves.

FoxHole Bakery   (Ursula Yeker)   Bean chips, tortillas, nettle spanikopita, frozen soups and perogies, granola & cookies.

Happy Pig Organic Farm   (Marlene Thimer)   Coffee, egg / sausage / bacon sandwiches or roll-ups, chicken, pork, turkey, and eggs.

Kimberley’s Kitchen   (Kimberley Mulla)   Cinnamon buns, cookies, marshmallows and marshmallow treats, hot chocolate, and ice cream.

River Rock Treasures   (Betty Campbell)   Suckers

Roger’s Truffles   (Roger Benham)   Chocolate truffles

Swallow Haven Farm   (Linda Dekok)   Mini fruit tarts, chicken, pork, and eggs.

Sweet & Savory Culinary Creations   (Joan Lecourt)   Cinnamon buns, cookies, roasted nuts, shepherd’s pie, lasagna, and cakes.